8085/86 Microprocessor Opcodes

8085/86 Opcodes is an app containing all the instruction set or opcodes of 8085 and 8086 microprocessor. Here opcode detail contains information like meaning of Opcode, Operand (16-bit address or more), brief description of opcode, flags affected while using the opcode, example showing how to use opcode, bytes required to use the instruction/opcode, machine cycle (m-cycle) and t-state require to use the instruction/opcode. Referring to assembly instructions was never so easy before.

Key Features:
- 8085/86 Instructions set
- Data Transfer Instructions
- Arithmetic Instructions
- Logic and Bit Manipulation Instruction
- Program Execution Transfer Instruction (8086 microprocessor only)
- String Instruction (8086 microprocessor only)
- Branch Instruction
- Processor Control Instruction (8086 microprocessor only)
- Control Instruction

- Add to Favorite - Add your favorite instructions to refer it later easily.

- Search instructions by Bytes or Machine Cycles or T-State required for execution of the instruction.


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