GTU 100 Activity Points

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) implements the 100 – Activity Points as an evaluation system, launched at the beginning of the current Academic Year i.e. 2015-16 for earning the GTU’s Engineering Degree. Any B.E. Student of GTU will be honored the B.E. Degree once s/he earns Minimum 100 Activity Points during his total academic tenure. The points student has earned will be reflected in the student’s transcript.

The GTU 100 Activity Points app will help students to record and view the points they have earned based on the activities done during the academic term. To use the app you need to select Major Head of Activity first. Then select sub-major activity head. Based on the selection made, you need to select the level of activity you participated. At last, enter the name of college where you participated and date of the event. Submit it. In the Result menu, you will be able to see the score you acquired for the activity you participated for.

The app will do following calculation for you:
- Calculate points for an activity
- Calculate maximum points you can earn under a particular category
- Calculate minimum points you can earn based on the entry in B.E. Course
- The app will consider the highest score of any level for the particular activity
- The app will calculate total year of points

Participation in various activities will contain Major Heads and Sub Heads of Activity. The app cover below mentioned heads:
- Bridge Course
- Village Visit
- Learning Engineering
- History of Science and Technology
- Life Skills

- Technical Research Skill
- Group Discussion
- Technical Quiz
- Aptitude / Reasoning
- Tech-fest
- Workshop
- MOOC with Final Assessment
- Student Skill Development
- Paper Presentation
- Poster Presentation
- Training / Internship / Professional Certification
- Project Presentation
- Industrial / Exhibition visit with report
- Consultancy Project

- Sports and Cultural

- Community outreach and social initiatives
- Community Service and Allied Activities (Up to Two Days, One Week, One Month, One Semester, One Academic Year, NSS/NCC)

- Innovation / IPR / Entrepreneurship
- High Customer Review for Creative Products
- Awards / Recognitions for Products
- Legally Registered a Start-up Company
- Filed a Patent
- Published Patent
- Completed Prototype Development
- Generated Significant Revenue/Profits
- Patent Approved
- Attracted External Funding
- Other Major Industry Specific Achievements


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