Kiddoz - Learning Activity App for Kids

Kiddoz is an app to help your child learn Mathematics and English with fun. This app will help your child learn counting, rhyming words, before and after numbers, spelling, etc. With this app, your child will be able to learn mental arithmetic, learn number and its position. The user will be notified with a sound for each correct and incorrect selection made. You can also share this app with your friends and family members.

Some of the key features of this app are:
- Rhyming Words - Here one word will be shown. You need to select rhyming words for the same from the given options. 
- Learn to Count - You need to count similar kind of object from the given image. You need to select the correct options from the given four. E.g., here images of flying birds will be shown to you. You will count it and then select the correct option.
- Guess Me - Here you will be shown one image. You need to identify the object and write correct spelling of it. 
- Between Numbers - Two numbers will be shown to you. You need to enter a correct number that is coming between the given two number.
- Before Numbers - You need to enter correct before a number, which is coming before the number shown.
- After Numbers - You need to enter correct after a number, which is coming after the number shown.
- Match Colors - You will be shown one object with a color. You need to select all the matching color, that is similar to the image shown.
- Match Alphabets - Here you need to select all the letters that match with the image shown. 
- Ascending Order - Here you need to arrange the numbers in ascending order.
- Descending Order - Here you need to arrange the numbers in descending order.


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