Kids Slate
Kids Slate

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  • Current Version : 1.1
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Kids Slate is an app for kids of kindergarden grade. Here the kids gets space to learn writing by tracing letters and digits. It is a very useful app that helps your kids select various colors from available rainbow of colors. This digital slate helps your kids draw and trace as many times he wants. It helps you save your kids first tracing and drawing experience, and make it as lifetime memory. You can even share the tracing made by your kids with friends and family members. This app has very beautiful and smooth interface.

Key features of Kids Slate includes:

» Free Hand Drawing and Tracing
- Resuable slate space for kids
- Multiple color pallete to write/draw on slate
- Help your kid learn to write alphabet and digits
- Eraser available, helps you correct any mistakes
- Learn alphabets and digits by tracing
- Save yours kids drawing/tracing in gallery

» Fill Color - Select picture from the given and fill your favorite color
» Month & Days - Learn to spell week days and months of calender.
» Human Body Parts - Learn to identify body parts with pronunciation
» Solar System - Learn name of each planets with number of Moon of each planet.
» Tables - Learn multiplication tables from 1 to 15. App speak each table and you can pause/play the audio.
» Game - Learn mathematics with fun. App has mathematics operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
» Learn English - Learn alphabets, spelling and use of articles. 

Project Members

Divya Patel

Akshay Kotecha

Prof. Mayur Padia


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