Physics Formula

Physics Formula is an app that lets you calculate basic equations of Physics. Here there is a variety of equations available for different aspects of Physics like., Laser, Magnetism, Dielectric, Superconductor, Fiberoptic. You can search for physics equation, enter values of your choice and get a result with units with a single click of a button. It can be used as handy Physics Formula Calculator for your daily usage.

Key calculations done by the app are listed below:
- Laser
- Particles of Energy Level
- The frequency of Emitted Photons
- The energy of One Photon
- Rate of Absorption
- The rate of Spontaneous Emission
- The rate of Stimulated Emission

- Magnetism
- Magnetic Induction
- Magnetic Permeability
- Bohr Magneton
- Relative Permeability

- Dielectric
- Relative Permittivity
- In Vacuum Permittivity
- Electric-field Strength
- Displacement Vector
- Polarization Vector
- Electric Susceptibility

- Superconductor
- Superconductor Material
- Magnetic Field
- Critical Current

- Fiberoptic
- Critical Angle
- Acceptance Angle
- Numerical Aperture
- Relative Reflexive Difference
- No. Of Modes


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