RTO Driving Licence Test

A driving licence is required in India by any person driving a vehicle on any highway or other road defined in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. RTO Driving Licence Test is a very useful app for all Indians applying for provisional licence, to help them pass their RTO learner's licence test. This app provides free practice tests that imitate the official exam organized by Regional Transport Office (RTO). Every question is based on the official driving manual available on RTO website. It is also useful for getting Learning Licence of Light Motor Vehicle (LMV), Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV). App is available in English and native languages like Gujarati and Hindi.
Subject like Rules and Regulations of traffic, and traffic signage’s are included the test. The theoretical test consists of basic road rules and sign questions, which are the same for car and motorcycle tests. It consists of 125 Rules, 77 Sign in all the three languages. Test here is completely FREE and you can attempt it as many times as you want. You can even share this app to your friends and family members.

Practice Test Instructions as oulined on RTO website is as follows:
» Passing score for the test is 11 out of 15.
» Each question needs to be attempted within 48 seconds time.
» Attempt will be considered failed on getting 3 continuous wrong answers.
» Attempt will be considered failed on getting any 5 wrong answers.

RTO Driving Licence Test is easy to use app with following features:

» Easy, fast and attractive user interface.

» Learn - Comprehensive list (question bank) of questions and their answers as provided by RTO (Regional Transport Office) department. Traffic and road signs and their meaning. Rules and Sign are further classified into categories like Mandatory, Direction Control, Cautionary, General Information, and Traffic related.

» Marked Questions - Here it will shows all the rules and signages marked by user for further review, available in Learn section. User has the provision to remove reviewed rules and signs.

» Practice - Once you go through the question bank, you can appear for MCQ based mock test. Each questions consists of 3 choice of answer, out of which only 1 is correct. It consist of all the traffic rules and signs. Practice yourself without worrying about time limit.

» Test - 15 questions are asked in the test at random, out of which 11 questions are required to be answered correctly to pass the test. 48 seconds are allowed to answer each question. You can review all the answers you have attempted after completion of test. It display result or score sheet after completion of Exam. It shows statistics like total attempts made, attempt passed and failed times.

Some of the useful links are as under:
1) Forms - http://rtogujarat.gov.in/form.php
2) Process of Driving Licence - http://rtogujarat.gov.in/process_licence.php
3) RTO/ARTO Offices - http://rtogujarat.gov.in/aboutus_rto.php
4) Ministry of Road Transport and Highways - https://sarathi.nic.in


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