Rajkot Tourist Guide

Rajkot Tourist Guide is an app that shows famous tourist places of Rajkot City

Rajkot Tourist Guide is an app that shows you famous tourist places to visit while you are in Rajkot. This app helps people living in Rajkot to search for famous places. This app is one step towards promoting Rajkot Tourism. This app covers historical, devotional places, amusement parks, dams, cinemas, hotels, etc. It has photos of the places and its historical significance mentioned.

This app helps you search for famous places using following features:
- About Rajkot - Here you will find information related to Rajkot like,
- Climate in Rajkot
- Weather in Rajkot
- Culture of Rajkot
- Nearest Tourism Office

- How to Reach
- You can reach Rajkot by Road, Railway and by Air.

- Historical Places - Rajkot has some of the very important historical city of Gujarat. Some of them are:
- Alfred High School
- Kaba Gandhi House
- Raiya Naka & Bedi Naka
- Rajkumar College
- Rashtriya Shala
- Watson Museum & Lang Library

- Devotional Places - There are many famous devotional places in Rajkot. Few to mention are:
- Ashapura Temple
- Bhaktidham Temple
- Ramkrishna Ashram, etc.

- Amusement Parks - Rajkot people are fun loving people. So to entertain them, there are below-mentioned amusement parks/Picnic Spot:
- Disney Land
- Eldorado Park
- Fun World
- Pradyuman Park

- Dams / Lake - There are two Dams in Rajkot and one Lake. You can find details regarding it here in the app.

- Other Places - There is also Community Science Centre, Mukti Dham (Crematoria), Race Course, Rotary Dolls’ Museum to visit. These are some to places you must visit when you are in Rajkot.

- Places to see Around - Few places for travel-loving people around Rajkot are:
- Analgadh Hill Station
- Chotila Temple
- Hingolgadh Palace and Bird Sanctuary
- Khodaldham Temple, etc.

- Cinemas - Rajkot has four multiplex theatre in Rajkot and three single screen theatre. Some of the famous theatre are:
- Galaxy Cinema
- Cosmoplex
- Inox
- Big Cinema, etc.

- Hotels - There are many 3 stars and 5-star rating hotels in Rajkot for your comfort.

- Malls - Rajkot has big malls. Few to mention are
- Big Bazaar
- Crystal Mall
- Reliance Mega Mall, etc.

- Travel Guide - Here you will find contact details of travel guide of Rajkot.


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