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Resume Maker

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Resume Maker is an app for all freshers and professional appearing for an interview. Here in this app, you will be able to build your Curriculum Vitae on the go using the custom templates available. You can also change the fields, for your own custom need. Making professional resume was never so easy before. Resume Maker app provides you with custom CV template which you can use for making a professional resume. After creating a resume and filling up necessary data, you can export your resume in “.html” format. Five design templates are given for your use. You can send it to the employer company/friends via Email. 

Some of the features of the app are:
- Generate Resume
- Export Resume
- Custom Resume Template
    - Add Groups, Subgroups, Fields for your CV
- Two Templates are created for you for your reference with the following field
        - General Template
            - Personal Information
                - Job Title
                - Phone Number
                - Address
                - Date of Birth
                - City
                - Email
                - Pincode
            - My History & Profile
            - Skill Set
            - Past Education
            - Work Experience
                - Job Title
                - Job Description
                - Company Name
                - Joining Date
                - Relieving Date / Worked Till 
        - Professional Template
            - Personal Info
            - Career Objective
            - Education Qualification
                - Qualification
                - Institute
                - Board/University
                - Percentage/CGPA
                - Passing Year
            - Work Experience
            - Project Description
            - Other Important Data 
                - Skills
                - Achievements
                - Hobby
                - Language
            - References
                - Name
                - Designation
                - Organization
                - Email
                - Phone Number

Project Members

Piyush Kacha

Yash Chandvani

Dr. Nilesh Gambhava


ASWDC is established by Department of Computer Engineering where students work on live projects under guidance of staff and industry experts. Students are getting extensive knowledge and industrial experience of cutting edge technologies. ASWDC fills gap between academic curriculum and industry expectation.

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