Smart House Wife

Smart House Wife is an app that helps you organize and manage your shopping or grocery lists using your phone. Easily add new items you need to buy, and set quantity. The app includes daily grocery consumption, manage purchase list, manage the shopping list, and expenses in day-to-day life. Through this app, you can monitor and manage your daily grocery consumption whenever and wherever you are. E.g., you can make entry of the grocery items to be purchased from the market. You can also add the list of shops you regularly visit. You can manage your groceries (or daily consumption) from purchase, to know what's on hand. You can track your inventory, shopping history, and item prices.

Features of Smart House Wife App are:

- Product List/Grocery List: You can add the list of grocery items, daily items consumed by you. It displays individual product costs and total shopping list price. Easy search option to find your favorite items from the list.

- Shop List: Here you can manage the shopkeeper you visit daily. You can add or delete the shopkeeper from this app. Easy search option to look for your regular shopping list.

- Daily Consumption: Manage your daily consumption here. Easy search option to look for your daily consumption list.

- Expense: Manager your daily expenses from here. You can edit and delete your expenses from here.

- Purchase List: Add/Edit your purchase list from here. 

- Share with your friends: With a single click, you can share this app with your family and friends with the help of social media.


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