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Tea Diary is an app that lets you maintain record of tea purchased from tea stalls /seller / Chai Wala. With Tea Diary you can store data of Tea Seller. You can have various products sold by your tea vendor, flexibility to generate bill daywise, weekwise or monthwise of all the vendor you have added. It helps you generate bill of total milk, tea, coffee or bournvita you consumed during given time period. Here you can add as many items you want, that is sold by your tea vendor. You will be able to change the cost of items added for particular seller. Believe us, maintaining your tea diary was never this easy!
Tea Diary is easy to use app with following features:

» Add Tea Seller / Tea Stalls / Chai Wala
Here you will fill details of tea vendor like Name, Mobile Number, Address, City and State.

» Add Items provided by Tea Seller
Add items like milk, tea, coffee, bournvita sold by the seller.

» Add cost of each items
You can add cost of each items. You can even edit cost at the time of ordering items.

» Keep record of newly placed order
Tea Diary provides very user friendly interface to keep track your daily tea consumption records. You can view each record weekly, monthly, or yearly.

» Generate Bill
It is very easy to generate bill of each tea vendor you have added.

» View Bill History
You can view your paid bill history with a single click.

» Share with your friends
With a single click you can share this app to your family and friends with the help of social media.


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