Vehicle Manager

Vehicle Manager is an easy to use app for managing vehicles. It lets you effectively manage and track the performance, maintenance and mileage of your vehicles (bike, bus, car, scooter, truck, etc). The application is to help you set up reminders to notify about the next service or oil change, tire change is needed since many a time we forgot about the same and the service goes lapsed. The app also helps you calculate the mileage of your vehicles based on the quantity of the fuel put in and the distance traveled by your vehicle. 
Key features of the app are:
» Facilitates managing multiple numbers of vehicles
» Supports multiple fuel types such as Petrol, Diesel, CNG, and LPG
» Setup reminders for next oil change, service, etc, on the basis of the previous service, or kilometer traveled or period passed.
» Add, edit or delete items within Vehicle
» Change Vehicle details
» Distance Statistics - Total Expenses, Total Distance traveled, km/year, Expence/Km, etc.
» Vehicle Details - Type of Vehicle (Byke, Car, etc.,), Brand (Honda, TVS, etc.,), Model (Activa, Magna, etc.,), Build Year, Registration No., Fuel Type (Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG), Tank Capacity (Ltr.), Display Name, Purchase Date, Purchase Price (in INR), Km Reading.
» Vehicle List - Here it will show you list of all the vehicle you have entered.
Key features of the app include:
» Refuel Information - Here you can add refueling information for each refuel you make for your vehicles. Following details will be collected by the app.
? Date of Refueling
? Fuel Type
? Amount of Refuel
? Fuel Price
? Quantity of Fuel
? Fuel Station
? Km Reading when gone for refueling
» Services Information - Here you can add service information for your vehicles. When you last did servicing of your vehicle and reminder for next service. The following information will be collected by the app.
? Date of Service
? Service Type
- Body, Brakes, Clutch, Cooling System, Engine, General, Spark Plug, Suspension, Wheel Alignment, Other
? Garage you visited for service
? Contact Number of the service station
? Amount paid for service done
? Km Reading when given for vehicle service
? Description for additional information
» Expense Information
? Date of expense made
? Expense Type 
- Fine, Parking, Tolls, Tyre Change, Other
? Amount of expense done on a vehicle
? Kilometer (Km) Reading when made
? Description for additional information
» Insurance Claimed
? Name of Insurance Company 
? Policy Type 
- Complete Cover, Damage/Theft, Third Party, Other 
? Policy Number of Vehicle Insurance
? Issue Date of Vehicle Insurance
? Expiry Date of Vehicle Insurance
? Insured Amount of Vehicle
? Premium to be paid each year for the policy purchased
? Agent Name of Insurance Company
? Agent Phone number of 
? Description for additional information
» Permit Information
? Permit Type
- All India Tourist Permit, Auto Permit, Contract Carriage Buses Permit, Goods Carrier Permit, School Bus Permit, Taxi Permit, Temporary Permit, Other   Permit
? Issue Date of Permit
? Expiry Date of Permit
? Permit Number
? Permit Cost
? Description for additional information
» You can share the app with friends and family members.


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