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Advocate Diary is an app that helps Lawyer/Litigants Professionals to manage Court Case, Clients details and Adjourn dates. Using this app you can Add/Update Party/Client/Respondent details, Add/Update Lawyer details, Add/Update Judge details, Add/Update Case details, Add/Update Hearing details, etc. There is provision to add new Case Stage and Case Type. You can manage your case, make appointments, set reminders for your follow-ups. Using this app lawyers can manage their time and cases in more efficient way.

Features of this app are listed below:

» Manage Party - Add and update Client/Petitioner details. Here you can save Client/Party name, referenced by, mobile number, phone number, email address, home/office address, city, state. A search box is provided at the top to search Party/Client name from the list of clients added.

» Manage Lawyer - Add and update Lawyer details. Here you can save lawyer name, mobile number, phone number, email address. A search box is provided at the top to search Lawyer name from the list of lawyers added.

» Manage Judge - Add and update Judge details. Here you can save Judge name, mobile number, phone number, email address. A search box is provided at the top to search Judge name from the list of Judges added.

» Manage Case - You can add and update Case Detail. View all case history till closing date. Search for a Case with any Case details as keyword e.g. Party Name, Reg. No, etc. Following details related to the case are included in this app:
1) You can add and update Case/Lawsuit details which includes
- Case Type
- Case Reg. No
- File No
- Case Date
- Court Name
- Judge
- Case Description/Case Evidences/Case Notes/Verdicts details
- Case Lawyer

2) You can add and update Party detail which includes
- Client/Party Type
- Client/Party Name
- Party Detail

Party type includes following:
- Petitioner
- Respondent
- Complainant
- Accused
- Defendant
- Applicant
- Plaintiff

3) Opposite/Opposing Party Detail
- Opposite/Opposing Party Name
- Opposite Party Detail
- Opposite Lawyer

4) Other Detail
- Case Status - Running / Closed or disposed

» Manage Hearing - Here you can add/update Case Hearing details. It includes - Case, Hearing Date, Case Note/Description, Case Stage, Next Date, Next Proposed Stage, Case Status (Running/Closed). It will list all the Case Hearing whether Running or Closed. Easy search option to search your case has been provided.

» Case Stage - Here you can add/delete case stage. Most civil lawsuits can be divided into the stages listed below:
- Pre-filing
- Initial Pleading
- Discovery
- Post Discovery/pre-trial
- Trial
- Post-trial

» Case Type - Here court case type like Regular Civil Suit (RCS), Sessions Case (SC), etc are listed. There is provision to add new case type.

» Today Board - Here it will show you case Hearing Date, Next Hearing Date.

» Calendar View - Here it will show Next Date and Hearing Date for various cases you have entered.

» Share - You can share this app with your family and friends using Social Media.

Project Members

Ajay Jakasaniya

Ruchi Bhalodiya

Prof. Mayur Padia


ASWDC is established by Department of Computer Engineering where students work on live projects under guidance of staff and industry experts. Students are getting extensive knowledge and industrial experience of cutting edge technologies. ASWDC fills gap between academic curriculum and industry expectation.

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