Base Converter & Calculator
Base Converter & Calculator

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Base Converter & Calculator is a useful app to do the base conversion and perform basic maths operation. It works on Binary (Bin), Octal (Oct), Decimal (Dec), Hexadecimal (Hex). Base are 2,8,10,16.

Base Conversion: You can enter a number in any base and it converts to all other bases. The number can be integer or floating point number.

Base Calculator: You can perform Addition(+), Subtraction(-), Multiplication(x) or Division(/) on any two numbers of same or different base. e.g. Bin:10101 + Dec:2978 can be performed.

The converter has been designed to convert the entered number of a selected base to all other bases at once and displaying the results simultaneously. Numbers with a decimal point or fractional part is supported (ex. 54.341). 

Base Calculator has the facility for mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Here you have to enter two values in any of the bases and then press operation button (+ or - or * or /) you want to perform. It will show results in binary, decimal, octal, and hexadecimal format.

Here the app stores the history of calculations done, so that next time you can view the previously done operation without typing the numbers again. 

Some of the conversions are:
>> Decimal to Binary (Dec2Bin)
>> Decimal to Octal (Dec2Oct)
>> Decimal to Hexadecimal (Dec2Hex)
>> Octal to Binary (Oct2Bin)
>> Octal to Decimal (Oct2Dec)
>> Octal to Hexadecimal (Oct2Hex)
>> Binary to Decimal (Bin2Dec)
>> Binary to Octal (Bin2Oct)
>> Binary to Hexadecimal (Bin2Hex)
>> Hexadecimal to Binary (Hex2Bin)
>> Hexadecimal to Octal (Hex2Oct)
>> Hexadecimal to Decimal (Hex2Dec)

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