Civil Engineering Dictionary
Civil Engineering Dictionary

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Civil Engineering Dictionary is an app, that contains important Civil Engineering concepts for Civil Engineering Students. This offline app is very useful to anyone preparing for the Engineering Examination or Competitive GATE Examination or Job Interviews. 

The app uses very simple antonyms for the words you are searching. It is very easy to search for any word. You can even make words favourite to refer it later. You can contribute to this app by suggesting word with meaning. We will verify the suggestions and add it to dictionary after proper verification. 

Main topics covered are shown below:
- Advanced Construction and Equipment
- Building Planning
- Environment Engineering
- Earthquake Engineering
- Geotech Engineering
- Geothermal Engineering
- Professional Practice and Valuation
- Structural Engineering
- Surveying
- Transportation Engineering
- Water and Waste Water Engineering

Project Members

Kaushalya Mandaliya

Prof. Mayur Padia


ASWDC is established by Department of Computer Engineering where students work on live projects under guidance of staff and industry experts. Students are getting extensive knowledge and industrial experience of cutting edge technologies. ASWDC fills gap between academic curriculum and industry expectation.

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