Computer Networks

Computer Networks is a very helpful app to learn networking basics concepts. App has 4 layers of TCP/IP protocol suite covered with detailed explanation and diagrams. It has the best computer network books listed in the reference section. Goals and application of computer network used in various fields can be learned very easily using this app. The app helps you understand the concepts of the OSI reference model and the advantages of computer networks. The app shows a list of tools and commands you can use to do the practice of computer networks. Basic computer networking fundamentals topics available in the app contains all the necessary interview questions solutions. Uses of a computer network for business, home, and mobile users are beautifully explained here with nice diagrams. App has simple and easy to use UI and free to download and works offline. You can share the app with your friends and family members using any of the messaging app available on your phone. 

<b>Added Computer Networks videos</b>

<b>Computer Networks topics covered in the app are</b>:

<b>Introduction to Computer Networks and Internet</b>
- Types of Computer Networks
- Internet
- Protocols in Computer Networking Basics 
- Transmission Media
- Network Topology diagram
- OSI Model Layer Architecture
- TCP-IP Protocol Suite

<b>Application Layer</b>
- Network Applications and its Architecture
- Processes Communicating
- An interface between a Process or Socket
- Addressing Processes
- Transport Services available to Applications
- User-Server Interactions or Cookies
- Web Caching or Proxy Server
- File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
- Electronic Mail in the Internet (EMAIL)
- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
- Comparison of SMTP with HTTP
- Mail Access Protocols (POP3 and IMAP)
- Domain Name System (DNS)

<b>Transport Layer and its Services</b>
- The relationship between Transport and Network Layers
- Multiplexing and Demultiplexing
- Endpoint Identification
- Connectionless and Connection-Oriented Multiplexing and Demultiplexing
- UDP Segment Structure
- Principles of Reliable Data Transfer
- Reliable Data Transfer - rdt1.0, rdt2.0 and rdt2.1
- Protocol Pipe-lining
- Go-Back-N 
- Selective Repeat 
- TCP Segment Structure
- Flow Control
- Congestion Control
- TCP Slow Start

<b>Network Layer</b>
- Routing and Forwarding
- Network Service Model
- Virtual and Datagram Networks - Connectionless Service
- Routing Architecture
- IPv4 Datagram Format
- Introduction to IP Addressing
- Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)
- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
- Network Address Translation (NAT)
- Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
- IPv6 Datagram Format
- Link State Routing Algorithm (Dijkstra's Algorithm)
- The Count to Infinity Problem
- Hierarchical Routing
- Broadcast Routing

<b>Link Layer</b>
- Services Provided by the Link Layer
- Link Layer Implementation
- Error Detection and Correction Techniques
- Multiple access links and protocols
- Multiple Access Protocols
- Pure ALOHA and Slotted ALOHA Protocol
- Ethernet
- Virtual LANs
- Ethernet frame structure
- Bit and Byte Stuffing
- Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

<b>Computer Network Tools and Commands covered in the app are</b>:
- Subnet and IP Calculator
- Pathping
- Route
- ping
- tracert
- ipconfig/ifconfig
- nslookup
- netstat


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