Discount Calculator
Discount Calculator

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Discount Calculator is an app that helps you to calculate final price of a product with discount. Simply input the original price, discount percentage and the app will show you the final price you need to pay and it will also show you how much you will save. You can also do it the other way around and calculate the discount itself or the original price. You may use it in all sorts of situations like - as a seller, you can calculate what your price may be after applying discount or as a customer - where you can find out at what price a particular item is cost.

Key Features of the app are listed below:

>> Calculate Discount Amount - Here you shall enter original amount/price of the item and discount rate in percentage(%). By clicking on Calculate button, it will show you discounted amount and rupees you saved from your purchase. E.g. - Original Amount (500) - Discount Rate (5%) = Discounted Amount (475).

>> Calculate Original Amount - Here you shall enter discount amount and discount rate (%). The app will show you the original price of the product you want to purchase.

>> Calculate Discount - Here you shall enter original amount of item, and discounted price. The app will show you the discount rate in percentage (%).

>> Discounted Price List - Here you shall enter the original amount of item. And the app will show you list of discounted amount for the rate of discount from 1% to 99%. 

>> Double Discount - This is one of the feature where you will be able to add double discount for particular item. You shall enter original price of the product you want to purchase and select one from the various discount rates available. Then you can enter another additional discount for the product and get the final total discount you get.

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