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EMI Calculator App is handy tool to calculate EMI for loans like Home Loan, Car Loan, Gold Loan, etc. This App has unique features like USD & INR currency mode, History to reuse past calculations, Profile to save complete loan information, Home Loan Eligibility Check & Documents List, etc. It is capable of reverse calculations like Principal Amount, Rate of Interest, Loan Tenure. This app is free to download, easy to use user interface and works in offline mode also. 

Key features:
» Calculate EMI: Enter Amount, Interest Rate (%) and Loan Tenure (Years / Months) to calculate EMI. 
» Calculate Loan Amount: Enter EMI Amount, Interest Rate (%) and Loan Tenure to calculate principal amount. 
» Calculate Tenure: Enter Principal Amount, EMI and Interest Rate (%) to find tenure of loan. 
» Calculate Interest Rate: Enter Principal Amount, EMI and Tenure to find the interest rate (%).

» Compare Loan: Compare loan EMI of various banks by entering Principal Amount, Rate of Interest (%) and Tenure
» Loan Profile: You can save complete information of your loan like Loan Name, Bank Name, Loan Account Number, Date, 1st EMI Date, Processing Fees, etc. to track your loan.

» Amortized Chart: Payment Schedule of outstanding loan; Month wise & Year wise (for Indian Users, April to March and for US\UK Users, January to December.)
» History: Keeps automatic records of your past calculation so you don't need to remember them. You can use them again and again.
» Multi Currency: You can use App in Indian Rupees (INR ?) to use terms like Crore, Lakh, Thousand in Indian Currency Format or US Dollar (USD $) to use terms like Trillion, Billion, Million in US Currency Format.

Unique Features:
» Check Eligibility: Users from India can check their home loan eligibility based on Income (Salary), Property Document Amount and Market Valuation.
» Documents Required: Documents required of Salaried Person or Businessman or Self Employed to avail home loan from Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Housing Finance Companies (HFC) in India.
» Interest Rates: Latest Interest rates of various banks to compare EMI amount.
» FAQs: Articles on What is EMI, How to Calculate EMI, and How to use EMI Calculator are provided.

You can even refer it to your friends and family members via e-mail, SMS or any other messaging app so that users can use to calculate EMI for Personal Loan, Mortgage Loan, Education (Student) Loan, Vehicle Loan, Small Business Loan etc. 

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