Engineering Mathematics 4
Engineering Mathematics 4

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Engineering Maths 4 is an app that can be used by Engineering students for quick referral of the formulas/equations during examination time. The app is very much useful to 2nd year Engineering students of various Universities like, Gujarat Technological University (GTU), Saurashtra University, Gujarat University, etc., or IITs or NITs. The app has simple and easy to use UI for quick reference of the maths formula. App show necessary formula with equations and diagram with detail explanation. You can even share screenshot of the formula to your friends using various messaging app available on your phone. 

Engineering Mathematics-4 formula covered in the app are:

1) Computer Arithmetic
    - Absolute Error
    - Relative Error
    - Percentage Error

2) Root of Equation
    - Bisection Method
    - Method of False Position
    - Secant Method
    - Newton-Raphson Method
    - Iteration Method
    - Budan's Method
    - Bairstow's Method for Quadratic Factors

3) Linear Algebric Equation
    - Row Echelon Form of Matrix
    - Reduced Row Echelon Form of Matrix
    - Gauss Elimination Method
    - Gauss Jacobi Method
    - Gauss Seidel Method
    - Gauss Jordan Method

4) Curve Fitting
    - Newton's Forward Difference Formula
    - Newton's Backward Difference Formula
    - Stirling's Formula
    - Newton's Divided Difference Formula
    - Lagrange's Interpolation Formula
    - Lagrange's Inverse Interpolation Formula
    - Fitting a Straight Line
    - Fitting a Parabola by Least Square Approximation
    - Curve fitting with cubic splines
5) Numerical Integration   
    - Newton-Cotes Formula
    - Trapezoidal Rule
    - Simpson's 1/3 Rule
    - Simpson's 3/8 Rule
    - Weddle's Rule

6) Differential Equation
    - Taylor Series
    - Euler's Method
    - Improved Euler's Method
    - Runge Kutta 4th Order Method
    - Predictor-Corrector Method
    - Finite-Difference Method
    - Shooting Method

7) Statistical Method
    - Arithmetic Mean
    - Mode
    - Median
    - Dispersion
    - Variance
    - Skewness 
    - Karl Pearson's Product Moment Method
    - Spearman's Rank Correlation Method
    - Regression Equations
    - Moment about actual mean
    - Moment about arbitrary origin

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