Log Calculator

Log Calculator is an app that is very much useful to students of schools and colleges. This app will help you calculate the value for Base e, Base 10 or Base n values. For a given base, calculate the value and share the app with your friends and family. You will find that calculating log values is so easy using the app. The app has simple UI and an amazing interface.

<b>Some of the key features of the app are</b>:
» You have various log calculation options to choose from various Base like 
- Base e
- Base 2
- Base10
- Base N

» Finding values for Log 1, Log 2 (Log of 2), Log 5, Log 6 was never so easy. Exponential equation calculation is done in the app with ease. 

» <b>Log Calculator</b> and <b>Antilog Calculator</b> is available in the app with easy and simple to use UI. Finding the value of log equation calculation is easier than using a log table.

» <b>Calculations available for various log rules</b>:
    - Product Rule
    - Quotient Rule
    - Log of Power
    - Log of Root
    - Change of Base
    - Log of e
    - Log of 1
    - Log of Reciprocal

» <b>Log Equations</b> - App contain various logarithmic equations. Enter parameter values and get a result for the selected equation.

» App provides you the history of calculations done so far, which can be used to refer it for frequent calculations. You can even clear the history if you want. 

This App is developed at ASWDC by Anjali Damani (140540107021), a 7th Sem CE Student. ASWDC is Apps, Software, and Website Development Center @ Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot run by Students & Staff of Computer Engineering Department

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