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Civil Material Tester

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Civil Material Tester is an app that helps you do calculations that is helpful in Civil Engineering. This app has 3 categories of calculations for you:
1) Concrete Technology
2) Transport Technology
3) Geo Technology

Some of the useful calculation are: Bituminous Concrete, Concrete Mix Design, Design of Camber, Super Elevation, etc.

For Example, in Bituminous Concrete calculation, steps are as follows:
1) Enter Number of Aggregates
2) Click on "Calculate" Button
3) Enter values of Proportion and Specifics for 5 aggregates: A, B, C, D, and E
4) Click "Next" Button
5) Enter value for Percentage of Bitumen by Wt. of aggregates
6) Enter value of Specific Gravity of Bitumen
7) Click "Next" Button
8) Enter value of Specific Gravity of Mix (Gb)
Enter values for (i) Weight of Specimen in Air and (ii) Weight of Specimen in Water
9) Click "Next" Button
10) Screen shows result value like:
√ Combined Specific Gravity of aggregates (G)
√ Density of Mix (Gb)
√ Weight of Bitumen
√ Weight of Mix
√ % Binder of Mix
√ % Aggregates
√ Volume of binder by Mix
√ Volume of aggregate by Mix
√ Percentage Air voids (Vv)
√ Voids in mineral aggregates (VMA)
√ Voids in filled by aggregates (VFB)

In this app you can do following calculations:
I) In Concrete Technology calculations possible are:
√ Impact Value
√ Abrasion Value
√ Water Absorption
√ Bituminous Concrete
√ Concrete Mix Design
√ Sieve Analysis of Sand
√ Falkiness and Elongation Index

II) In Transport Technology calculations possible are:
√ Super Elevation
√ Regression Value
√ Design of Camber
√ Regid Pavement
√ Vertical Alignment
√ Computation of Design Traffic
√ Fatigue and Rutting Strain
√ Tensile Strain in Cementitious Layers
√ Design of Extra Widening
√ Length of Transition Curve

III) In Geo Technology calculations possible are:
√ Sieve Analysis of Soil

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