Periodic Table

Periodic Table is an app that shows arrangement of chemical elements. Chemical Elements are ordered by their atomic number, electron configuration and recurring properties. The apps shows elements with similar behavior in the same column. Here the row represent periods of elements while the columns represent groups. All elements from atomic number 1 to 118 with their properties are available. The app covers all the
1) Metals - Post-transition Metals, Transition Metals, Lanthanoids, Actinoids, Alkaline Earth Metals, Alkali Metals
2) Non Metals - Noble Gases, Other nonmetals
and Metalloids with proper understanding

Key features of the app:

» Simple and Easy to use UI

» Chemical elements and its Image

» Details of chemical elements include:
- Atomic Number
- Atomic Mass
- Latin Name
- English Name
- Discovery Year
- Atomic Weight
- Density
- Melting Point
- Boiling Point
- Electron Configuration
- Oxidation States
- Ion Charges
- Atomic Radius

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